Android TV Data Saver Feature Now Available In More Countries

Android TV Data Saver app

A new report by 9to5Google highlights that Android TV Data Saver is now arriving in more countries. Notably, users in these newly added countries can make use of this feature on their Android TV.

Back in October, we came up with a report that after being available in India for over a year, Android TV Data Saver finally made its way to the Play Store a few weeks back.

Android TVs are not known for getting updating fast compared to other Android devices. However, Google has made constant efforts to bring more functionality to Android TVs.


As the name suggests, if you have the data saver mode enabled on your Android TV, your TV would automatically adjust the video streaming resolution to use fewer data.

Meaning that if you have a low-speed data connection, then to reduce buffer, Android TV would adjust the video quality. This feature comes in handy if you are trying to view videos on a mobile hotspot, etc.

Apparently, this feature also gives you a warning if you have surpassed a certain amount of data usage. You can set the data limit after which you would like to get this warning. This would save to be in the limit of your data pack.

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Android TV Data Saver App adjusts video at lower bitrates to save data

A slow internet connection could really hamper your video watching experience. Moreover, the buffering can really be really annoying. Thanks to the data saver app, you can now get rid of that.

Although the data saver app is now available in more regions, the app has been currently spotted on Android TV in the US and the UK.

Besides, even though the option of data saver appears in the Settings menu, it does not seem to be working properly. Our friends at 9To5Google were not able to make this app work. They tried on Chromecast with Google TV as well as a JBL Link Bar.


Additionally, connecting the Link Bar over to a mobile hotspot from my Galaxy Z Fold 2, also could not fully activate the data saver mode.

So, at this point, we are not sure if this feature is fully working in the expanded regions. However, it is for sure that in the coming weeks, this feature would be working full-fledged on Android TVs in more regions.

If you also want to try out this data saver app on your Android TV, then you can grab the app from the Google Play Store. Then manually install it on your TV.