Amazon Music Now Has X-Ray So You Can Learn While Streaming Songs

Amazon Music AH NS 02

Amazon recently added in a new feature to its Amazon Music app called X-Ray. If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you use other Amazon services like Prime Video, you probably already know what X-Ray is.

It’s Amazon’s cheeky name for the trivia-based feature that lets you learn about the stuff you’re interacting with. In Prime Video’s case, you can learn about the actors on-screen when you’re watching a movie or TV show.

In the case of Amazon Music, X-Ray will let you learn about your favorite artists as you stream their music into your ear holes. It’s a pretty nifty addition that might even get you to love those artists more. Or if you’ve just always been curious to learn more about them, now you can. And these little pieces of trivia will give you something to talk about with friends who may appreciate the same artist.


Amazon Music X-Ray will have trivia on songs and albums as well as artists

The X-Ray feature in Amazon Music won’t just have trivia about the artist you’re listening to.

It’ll also feature some fun little facts about the individual songs and the albums as well. While X-Ray is present in the app’s UI and it’s definitely noticeable, it’s not a big glaring beacon. Amazon isn’t trying to draw your attention to it.

It does however want you to have access to it. You could say it’s hidden in plain sight because it’s not really hidden, but you can also easily miss it or ignore it. Because it’s not brash.


X-Ray is available on tens of millions of songs

If you subscribe to Amazon Music and this sounds like a feature you want to check out, you can. Right away in fact. At least you should be able to.

Amazon has said that X-Ray would be rolling out to the app as of today. And that it would have trivia on tens of millions of songs right from the start. It’s worth noting that it is possible some users may not see the X-Ray feature yet.

If that happens to be the case, then you may need to update the Amazon Music app. Or, you may just need to wait it out a little bit longer for Amazon to push the feature to everyone.


Once it’s live, you should see the word X-Ray in small letters at the bottom of the app UI when playing a song. It’ll be just below the pause/play button, and next to the Alexa button.