Amazon Fire TV Devices Now Support Alexa Routines

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New reports show that Amazon has announced that Alexa routines now support Amazon Fire TV devices. This means that you will now be able to run multiple commands across all your Amazon smart home devices.

A single custom Alexa routine will now help you control multiple smart home devices, simultaneously. Apparently, if the first thing that you do after you walk up, is to switch on your bedroom light and activate your coffee machine, then you can set up a custom Alexa routine to do just that.

To give you more clarity, while watching any show, if you say “Alexa, I am getting a snack,” then Alexa would stop what you are watching on your Amazon Fire TV.


Besides, if you are in a dim-light room, then Alexa would turn on the lights and keep the video paused until you come back with your snack.

Once you are ready with our snack, you can say “Alexa, I am back.” After this Alexa will resume the video on your Amazon Fire TV and also turn off the lights.

As noted by XDA, this is just one example of all the unlimited routines that you can set using Amazon Alexa routines with your Fire TV devices.


An Amazon survey revealed that 75% of U.S. users pause their show once per night

As per a survey conducted by Amazon, about 75% of the US respondents, pause their show, once per night. So, this Alexa routine support for Amazon Fire TV devices would add more convenience to this action.

Now, they will be able to easily pause the TV, using Alexa routines. In fact, with Alexa routines, you can set up your own custom routines and assign a wide range of actions.

You can set specific commands to do specific actions on a certain app. Like you can play specific content, turn on/off your TV, set the temperature, and much more.


Besides, you will be able to control all of your smart home devices, like turning on/off the lights, fans, etc. Amazon has been feeding Alexa with several features during the course of time, to make it a more mature voice assistant.

And it is good to see that Amazon is extending the Alexa routines support to more number of devices. Basically, you can now group and use multiple Alexa routines and execute them using just a single phrase.

You can now use Alexa routines with all Fire TV devices. So, let us know in the comments below if you were able to use these Alexa routines feature on your Amazon Fire TV devices or not.