Zoom Gets 'Livestream To YouTube' Feature On Android

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Everything has a good side and a bad side. While on one hand, the coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster for the world, it has been a blessing in disguise for the Zoom video calling app.

Zoom has grown leaps and bounds due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of which is because of the worldwide lockdown imposed by the respective governments to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Moreover, all the big companies shifted over to the new norm of work from home. Schools and colleges also started with a study from home to continue with their teaching for their students.


All this has one thing in common, and that is the Zoom video calling app. Millions of users worldwide are using the Zoom video calling app for work, study, streaming, watching content, or simply video chatting with friends.

Zoom has become the go-to video solution app for any purpose. Though there are rivals like Google Meet, Whereby, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Skype Meet Now, etc, they aren't as popular as the Zoom app is.

And yesterday, a new update started rolling out for the Zoom Android app that brings a new feature. The Zoom app now allows users to start a Livestream to YouTube.

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The new Livestream to YouTube feature arrives for Zoom Android app v5.4.0.434

Reportedly, this new update arrives with version number for the Zoom Android app. And has some nifty features under the hood.

Notably, users will now be able to use the flashlight while using the Zoom video calling app. Moreover, the app also now gets end-to-end encryption support.

This would help and keep the data and information shared between users safe. An important feature, which should have been there from the beginning. But better late than never.


And one of the biggest features of this new Zoom Android app update is the livestream to YouTube feature. Although this feature has been supported by Zoom for quite some time, it is a bit complicated to use on other devices.

For a complete guide on how you can use the livestream to YouTube feature on Zoom on other devices, you can head here. Fortunately for Android users, this new feature is now easily accessible within the meeting under the overflow menu.

Zoom users can simply tap it to launch a web portal. This portal will then prompt the user to start a YouTube livestream on their account. Pretty nifty ain't it.


The new feature won't work by default on the Zoom Android app

As a lot of YouTubers are actually making use of the Zoom app, it would be pretty useful for them. However, this feature will only work, if you enable it under the settings of the Zoom Android app.

So, the option to livestream to YouTube on the Zoom app won't show up by default. From the Zoom website, you need to head over to your account settings.

Then go to In-Meeting (Advanced) option and toggle ON the Allow live streaming meetings. Once you have done that, the option to livestream to YouTube on the Zoom Android app would appear.


The update is reportedly live via the Google Play Store. And if you haven't updated your Android app, then check your Play Store for the new update.