YouTube Is Testing A New Share Menu Within The App

YouTube AH NS 05

Joining the likes of Google Photos and Twitter, YouTube is also spotted testing the new share menu within the application. It seems like YouTube did not want to be left out in this new feature.

The company has recently been spotted testing a new YouTube Share Menu. It basically pops-up when you want to send a link to a video via the YouTube app.

Interesting this is that, while Google Photos and Twitter adapted a long list of options under the share menu, YouTube has reduced it to a few.


Notably, the current YouTube share menu lets you send video links via all supported apps. In fact, it also includes options like copy-link, Bluetooth, and Nearby Share.

However, the current YouTube share menu is although identical to what we have, but it gets rid of several options. Some people have reported seeing only options like copy-link, Bluetooth, and Nearby Share.

While others have reported seeing one or two of the supported apps along with the copy-link, Bluetooth, and Nearby Share options.

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As Android Police highlights, a few apps that they were able to see where Firefox and Firefox Nightly, Synology DS File app. So, it seems like the apps are appearing randomly.

YouTube share menu is showing up for some via a server-side update

Before you hop onto your phone and check for this new share menu, note that this is showing up for some users. Moreover, it has been triggered via a server-side update.

Meaning that the testing is being done with a small number of people. Whatever it may be, the reduction of share menu options seems an unintentional change.


Because, why would YouTube like to limit user's options of sharing the videos? Besides, there is no option to show up the native share menu or expand the list of share items.

If you have received this server-side update and you are not at all happy with the new share menu, then you can always switch back to the old version from sources like APK Mirror.

Make sure to download the YouTube app version 15.40.40. We only expect this reduced share options to be a bug and fixed as soon as possible by YouTube.


Recently, we have reported that Google wants YouTube into a shopping destination. Creators will be given control to showcase which products they want to showcase on their channel. For more info, you can head here.

We hope that YouTube remains as sane as it is today. And the share menu gets a bit of tweaking to show more menu opinions rather than this compressed one.