YouTube Music Working On A Setting To Separate Liked Videos

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YouTube is working on a new feature to help you separate the videos you have liked on the Music platform and the main app. This first emerged on Reddit as YouTube looks to better separate its two platforms.

Following the migration over the Google Play Music, YouTube has worked on a number of new features. This is largely to win over many of its new users who did not have the best experience moving over to the platform.

These have included a new global charts feature on the platform so users can listen to the world's top tracks. YouTube Music has also introduced new filter on the home feed to better personalize suggestions.

This new feature looks to better separate YouTube from YouTube Music in terms of the videos users have liked. Some find the close integration between the two platforms as helpful but some it is a pain. The option to separate them a bit could come in very useful for many.

YouTube to separate liked videos from the Music platform

Users will be able to enable a feature which links the videos they have liked on the Music and the main platform. If enabled music videos that you like on the main YouTube service will be included in YouTube Music’s “Your Likes” playlist.

However, if you decide not to enable the feature the opposite will apply. This means that only content you like within the Music platform will find its way onto your playlist.

One thing that is not yet clear is whether this feature will be retroactive. This means that we do not know that if you enable or disable the feature this will apply to videos you have previously liked or if it will only apply from then on.

Ultimately, this is not a major issue but it would be interesting to know. Overall, this feature allows a tighter integration between the two platforms if that is what you wish. It also allows you to separate them more so one cannot influence the other which for many will be helpful.

The new setting is yet to be rolled out widely. It looks to be in some form of A/B test for a limited number of users right now.

How and when this new feature will roll out fully is not known. However, it would make YouTube Music a better standalone offering so the company is likely to press on with it fairly quickly.