YouTube Music Adds Some New Features To Improve TV Experience

YouTube Music AH NS 03

In an attempt to enhance its TV experience, YouTube Music has added a host of new features the platform. As announced in a company blog post, these include easier access to the music you like and a new playback interface.

Since the migration over from Google Play Music, YouTube has tried to enhance its offering. This is in no small part to the problems faced in this migration with delays and other issues.

These new features include a way to separate YouTube's main client from its Music offering in terms of the music you have liked. It also has begun testing a new home screen filters features.

Now it looks like YouTube Music has moved its focus onto its TV experience in an attempt to enhance that side of things. It is an area that is getting more traction as time goes on so making its platform more interactive looks like a strong play.

YouTube Music offers new TV features

YouTube Music first launched its app onto TVs back in July. Now the company has added a number of new features to the platform to try and augment its offering.

These include easier access to your music library. YouTube says you can now access your saved playlists and liked songs in the YouTube Music tab within your YouTube app on your TV.

One will also be able to see "updated visuals to showcase album and playlist artwork in their best form". YouTube claims this will make it easier to find the music you love.

YouTube Music has also added a number of features just for those running the Android TV OS. These include the ability to songs to your YouTube Music library from your computer. Then access them from your TV.

A new and improved playback feature will have an interface which now includes information like the song and artist name. This comes alongside a YouTube Music row which displays on the Android TV home screen. This is so users can explore music much more easily.

On the whole, there is not much that is overly groundbreaking here. Some nice little additions to the TV platform which will certainly make it a bit more appealing to many. However, nothing revolutionary which is probably not surprising.

It is good to see YouTube Music making the effort to augment its TV offering. Hopefully, in the near future, we will have some more exciting features to shout about.