YouTube For Android Updates Video Player Page With New Gestures & More

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Good news for all the YouTube fans, especially on Android. Because a new YouTube update is live for the app. And it totally revamps the video player page and also adds new gestures.

The settings are easier to access and have been made streamlined. As a part of the revamped video player page, the new YouTube update brings a closed caption button right at the top-right of the video player.

Now, instead of heading to the three-button menu to access the closed-caption feature, users can simply on/off the closed-captions by pressing the button located at the top right of the video player.


YouTube has been gaining a few features lately. And it seems like the company has understood the inner feelings of the users. As the controls are now easier to access than before.

Moreover, the autoplay button, that used to show up on top of the 'Up Next' section of videos, is also placed on top of the video player. This allows for easy on/off of whether you wish to play the next video automatically or not.

YouTube says in the official blog, that the buttons have been arranged slightly to "make any action you take even faster." The company also has confirmed that some of the features will be ported over to the desktop version as well.

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New YouTube update also brings a list view of Video Chapters, new full-screen gestures

Well, recently, YouTube decided to scrap the tap the seek bar to skip forward or backward in the video option. The company, although did not clarify, we expect this is done to avoid issues of accidental touches.

Coming back to the new YouTube update, there is much more apart from the revamped video player page. It brings a new list view of Video Chapters, new ways to enter/exit full-screen gestures, suggested actions, and bedtime reminders.

Talking about the new list view of video chapters, it now allows the users to conveniently jump over to a specific section of the video.


Additionally, users can also rewatch a portion of a video, a list view to see a complete list of all chapters included in the video, and much more.

One of the best features out of the lot is the new gestures to enter/exit fullscreen mode. Users can now simply swipe up to enter fullscreen or swipe down to exit fullscreen.

The new update also adds suggested action features. This will prompt certain actions like rotate your phone, view in VR, etc. to provide a better viewing experience. More suggested actions are being planned for the future as well.


Bedtime reminder is one of those things which many of us definitely want. A new digital wellbeing tool has been added that lets you set reminders to stop watching videos at a certain time and go to bed.

This will help you get your sleep in time, instead of continuously watching DIY videos or cooking videos for hours. (I presume everyone watches them!)

The update is rolling out via the Google Play Store. And if you haven't updated your YouTube app, click the button below to grab the latest YouTube update.


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