Your Wireless Charging Pad Now Has Chroma Courtesy Of Razer

Razer Chroma Wireless Charging Pad

Today Razer announced a wide range of different products that are centered around its Chroma RGB lighting, including a wireless charging pad for smartphones and other devices. You read that right, your wireless charging pad now has Chroma, courtesy of Razer. Or at least it can if you decide to pick one up.

Should you choose to do that it’ll set you back a reasonable $59.99. Which is less than wireless charging pads from some top brands. Plus, this has Chroma, so it can be set up to sync with any other Chroma devices you may already have. Like keyboards, your mouse, your headset and more.

The Razer Wireless Charging Pad Chroma is available starting today

Good news if you want that Razer Charging Pad Chroma, Razer is already selling it on its own website. Having confirmed that it launches officially on October 22.


It will also be available through retail partners but at the moment it looks to be available from Razer only. This is a 10W fast wireless charger, and works for smartphones like the Razer Phone 2, Pixel 5 and others, as well as true wireless earbuds and other devices that support wireless charging.

It’s also not the only new Chroma device that was announced today. As mentioned earlier, Razer is actually announcing a range of new Chroma devices. Some of which are brand-new and some of which are newer versions of already existing products.

This includes a new version of the Razer Base Station. This V2 model is more sleek and has a round base, but it gives up one of its USB ports as the V1 Base Station has three ports while the Razer Base Station V2 Chroma only has two. Like its predecessor it also comes in Black, Mercury, and Quartz color options.

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Razer is also announcing the Mouse Dock Chroma, and the Mouse Bungie V3 and Mouse Bungie V3 Chroma, to keep your mouse charged up and that cable nice and organized instead of laying about making your desk look unsightly.

Sync your Chroma RGB PC components with all your other devices

If you have multiple Chroma devices in your setup, then the most important new device might be the Chroma Addressable RGB Controller. That is if you have or want to implement any RGB PC components into your build.

This device lets you easily sync up with any of the Chroma peripherals you have. Using Synapse 3 as the main hub for everything. The one caveat is that there are only 6 addressable headers. You also can’t have more than 80 LEDs connected to each of the six ports. Or, 240 in total for the entire controller. That being said, if your rig fits within that requirement, this might be a good thing to have should you want things to match.


Just like with the charging pad, all the other devices announced today are available today as well. The Razer Base Station V2 Chroma retails for $69.99 in Black, or $79.99 if you go with the Mercury or Quartz options.

Meanwhile the Mouse Dock Chroma is $49.99, the Mouse Bungie V3 Chroma is $39.99, the version without the Chroma is $19.99, and the Chroma Addressable RGB Controller is $39.99. Some of these new accessories are available on Amazon.

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