Xiaomi Trumps Apple, Becomes World's Third Largest Smartphone OEM

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Xiaomi has managed to jump over Apple, and become the world’s third largest smartphone OEM. This information has been shared by both Canalys and IDC, by the way, and it refers to the third quarter of 2020.

Xiaomi grew a lot, it jumped over Apple to become world’s third largest smartphone OEM

As per Canalys’ information, Xiaomi managed to ship 47.1 million smartphones in Q3 2020, compared to 43.2 Apple shipped. Samsung is still at the top with 80.2 million smartphone shipments, while Huawei is second with 51.7 million.

Xiaomi actually managed to ship almost 15 million more phones compared to the same period last year. Samsung also grew YoY in that regard, while both Huawei and Apple shipped less than in Q3 2019.


That being said, Xiaomi is holding 13.5-percent of the market, compared to Apple’s 12.4-percent. Samsung is at 23-percent, while Huawei is at 14.9-percent, according to Canalys. Vivo is fifth-placed with 9.1-percent, while everyone else holds 27-percent of the market.

IDC & Canalys share similar information

Now, IDC has shared somewhat similar information. According to IDC, Xiaomi shipped out 46.5 million smartphones, while Apple managed to ship out 41.6 million in Q3. Samsung shipped 80.4-percent, while Huawei sold 51.9 million. Vivo is fifth-placed with 31.5 million.

IDC’s chart says that Samsung is holding 22.7-percent of the market, and is followed by Huawei, who holds 14.7-percent. Xiaomi is third-placed with 13.1-percent, while Apple is fourth-placed with 11.8-percent. Vivo is holding 8.9-percent of the market, while 28.8-percent is left for everyone else.

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IDC reports a similar growth for Xiaomi YoY. The company managed to grow 42-percent YoY, compared to a 2.9-percent growth from Samsung. Huawei dropped 22-percent YoY, while Apple shipments dropped 10.6-percent. Vivo’s shipments grew by 4.2-percent YoY.

As you can see, these are great news for Xiaomi. The company seems to have strived during the pandemic, and Huawei’s decline may have something to do with that. Xiaomi has, without a doubt, picked up some of Huawei’s consumers.