Xbox Head Is Open To Putting Game Pass On PS5 And Nintendo Switch

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass on the PS5 is a possibility according to Xbox Head Phil Spencer.

That doesn't mean that Sony will put Xbox Game Pass on its PS5 console, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. In a recent interview with GameReactor, Spencer noted that he loves Nintendo and PlayStation. And that he thinks both platforms have done a very good job at being part of the video game industry this past generation.

Does that make it more likely that consumers will see Game Pass on other console platforms? Maybe. It's not a simple yes or no. It's also not all up to Spencer and his team passionate gamers.


Spencer would be open to discussion for Xbox Game Pass on PS5

Spencer says he's open to talks about porting Game Pass over to other consoles. So that means if Nintendo and Sony wanted to discuss the possibility of bringing Game Pass over, Spencer's door is open and he's waiting.

Should those talks ever actually happen, then that could lead to an expansion of not only Game Pass, but the Xbox ecosystem.

This wouldn't necessarily be out of the ordinary for Microsoft. Some years ago it was making its own phones. And nary a scrap of its applications were found on Android devices. Fast forward a few years and things have changed. Now Microsoft has a much more symbiotic relationship with Google. And its apps are now available to millions of Android users.

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If Sony and Nintendo aren't opposed to it, which could depend on whatever deals would be offered, then a similar situation could happen for Xbox Game Pass. This could all be part of Spencer's vision for the future of Xbox too.

Would Sony and Nintendo fans want such a collaboration?

That's a question that individual gamers would have to ask themselves and come up with an answer on their own.

But to speculate, there are legions of fans of each console platform that still enjoy the others. Games are games. And many who love games aren't opposed to everything but their favorite platform.


So when you think about it, yes. There are probably tons of fans of Nintendo and Sony that would jump at the opportunity to check out Game Pass on their favorite console. And why wouldn't they? More times than not if there's any distaste for a game on another platform, it's not really the game, but the platform that fans tend to not care for.

Having Game Pass available would mean that they can still enjoy their favorite console and games that weren't actually released for it. A pretty decent compromise one might say.