With Motorola Camera 3.0 Users Will Get More Control Over The Camera

camera 3 0 moto

In an official blog, Motorola has announced that it is updating its camera app, which will now be called the Motorola Camera 3.0. It is built with modularity in mind.

Meaning, it gives Motorola users more control over the camera app than ever before. With Motorola venturing into clamshell phones with the Razr devices and also adapting to big screen size, this Motorola Camera 3.0 brings compatibility with all of them.

Notably, Motorola Camera 3.0 will include some features found on the previous version of the app. However, it will be updated to support Motorola devices with all screen sizes.


Camera performance is one of the key differentiators between smartphones these days. A mid-range device with a fantastic camera appeals more to the users than a flagship phone with a mediocre camera.

In fact, smartphone OEMs are also giving more emphasis on improving the camera performances on their phone with each passing generation.

We are not counting the camera performance here as to how many cameras a phone has. Frankly, the fashion of putting a 2MP depth and 2MP macro lens doesn't even count.

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Because they are there just to increase the list of features in the spec sheet. Anyway coming back to Motorola Camera 3.0, the OEM has also brought modularity to its user interface as well.

Motorola Camera 3.0 will work well on all devices from tablets to foldables

Good thing is that, with smartphone innovation heading towards foldable and clamshell designs, Motorola Camera 3.0 is built to perform seamlessly on any device.

The controls for various functions and the flash buttons are relocated to the area, which now makes more sense. Moreover, they are at an easy reach and convenient sport for the users.


AI suggestions will be shown on top. This will make it easy for the users to see what the AI has detected in a particular scene. And which mode would suit it best.

Motorola says that it has built the Motorola Camera 3.0 on five core design principles, i.e. Intuitive, Intelligent, Refined, Empowering, and Flexible.

Besides, the design of the camera app is getting revamped. The corners are now round and the UI now has fewer icons. This gives the app a more modern and clean look.


All the camera modes will be placed at the bottom. Additionally, users have the choice of customizing the carousel of functions, as per their needs. The app icons also now resemble an actual camera and ditches the cartoonish look.

Note that this new Motorola Camera 3.0 was launched last month on the Moto Razr 5G. And the company says that it will be the default camera app on devices from here on out.

Meaning that older devices will not get the features and modularity of this new camera app. For compatible phones, you can grab the new APK version from the Google Play Store.