Why Businesses And Marketers Should Use Dynamic QR Codes As A Digital Marketing Tool?

Dynamic QR code

If there’s a new and holistic approach that is becoming popular among businesses and marketers today, the use of the QR code technology, particularly the dynamic QR codes, first comes into mind.

QR code stands for a Quick Response code, an upgraded version of a 2D barcode, designed for a high-speed reading capacity and is accessible using smartphone devices. QR codes, unlike standard barcodes, have greater storage capacity and can hold up to 3k of data, store multimedia content, which is why, their flexible nature, made them a handy and a go-to digital tool for many marketers.

QR codes are generated using QR code software that is available online.


Using a QR code generator technology, users can embed different content types such as a video content, a URL, rich and in-depth information about the marketer’s contact details or VCard, an image file, PDF, social media, and so many more and convert it into a QR code.

Once the QR code is scanned, it will automatically display its file to the users’ smartphone screen in just seconds.

The use of QR code generator online has transformed traditional marketing by bridging the physical world gap to the digital world, thus, boosting the customers’ engagement and leveraging their experience to the brand.


Dynamic QR code

Unbeknownst to many, QR codes have two varying types, which are static and dynamic QR codes. The data encrypted in a static QR code is permanent, while dynamic QR codes can be changed anytime the user wants to replace it with new content, without regenerating a different code again.

For most marketers and business people using this digital marketing tool, dynamic QR codes have been the best option when it comes to being economical, cost-efficient, and the ability to retarget the data behind the QR code, even when the QR code has been printed in thousands of materials.


The user can quickly update his dynamic QR code into the QR code generator dashboard, and correct or changed his data file.

Dynamic QR codes have many advantages in business and marketing, and these include the following:

Cost-efficient – The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses to cut down their marketing expenses. But with dynamic QR codes, marketers can save a large portion of their costs as dynamic QR codes are editable to another file. Meaning, there’s no need for the users to make another QR code again and print it all over again.


Ability to hold multimedia content – QR codes can encode a wide selection of information that enables users to adjust their marketing campaigns to different information.

They can convert a video to QR code, a URL, social media, business card, and many others and change it anytime. One of the beverages giant Coca Cola and Nestle has incorporated QR codes as well.

Retarget/Edit the QR code content – the user’s QR code can stay the same even if he needs to edit his QR code. This is still possible even if the QR code has been distributed to different material campaigns.


He can edit his QR code anytime he wants, even in real-time!

Tracking of QR code scans – one of the most important features of a dynamic QR code is its ability to track the users’ QR code scans. Tracking is vital for marketers and businessmen as it enables them to gauge their QR marketing success and milestones. If marketers use QR codes and don’t know their QR campaign’s progress, it’s impossible to improve it.

Accessibility to smartphone users – one of the main advantages of marketing with QR codes is that they are quickly accessible to smartphone users in a scan. Businessmen can market their products or services at any point sales to different age brackets.


Scan-able in print material and online display – QR codes are flexible in any type of marketing method. These codes are scan-able in print materials, but they are accessible even when displayed from online or computer screen.

Marketers can also opt to deploy their QR code to their website or social media accounts. This broadens the online network, allowing a seamless marketing experience.

QR codes can raise brand awareness – QR codes are not just simple black and white dots. These codes have revolutionized over the years to customized QR codes. Many luxury and apparel brands such as ZARA and Louis Vuitton have experimented with their use of QR codes to make their brand stand-out and connect to many customers.


It is touch-less – Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, touch-less menu through QR codes have skyrocketed in the global restaurant and café industries. By being accessible using smartphones, QR codes have served as a safe alternative for restaurants to bounce back under safety measures.

With so many digital tools that are surging every now and then, marketers are using every avenue to generate more sales while improving their customers’ experience to their brand. As we are heading towards a touch-less society, the QR code technology is one of the ideal marketing tools an entrepreneur should opt to, for a non-interactive mode of communication, yet delivering the accurate information they need. Having for your business a good QR code generator with logo is a must today!