WhatsApp Is Getting A Shopping Feature In Chats Soon

WhatsApp buy products from chats

Facebook has been very keen on making WhatsApp a place for users to do things like shopping, even from chats. And in line with this, a new report from Engadget suggests that WhatsApp will now soon add a shopping feature to its chats.

Notably, when a user sends a message to any business for buying any product, businesses can now send users back a link to the product catalog or a specific product.

Moreover, the user will now choose the products from the sent catalog and add them to the shopping cart. In fact, the user can purchase them without leaving the app.


To give you more clarity on how this process works, WhatsApp has explained this whole process of purchasing products from chats in a promotional video.

Besides, this whole system is expected to be powered by Facebook Pay. Meaning that it will be the default mode of payments. Time and time again Facebook has hinted at its ideas of expanding shopping features across its apps.

And this inclusion of letting users buy products in WhatsApp straight from chats is also progress in that similar direction. For the unaware, Facebook has launched Facebook Shops earlier this year.


The WhatsApp buy products from chats feature is expected to arrive soon

Presently, there is no information as to when the company will be rolling out this WhatsApp buy products from chats feature for all the users. So, it will take some time before it is rolled out for the masses.

We know how late WhatsApp is always in implementing new features to its app. Matter of fact, the almighty Dark Mode feature came almost generations after it arrived for the Telegram app.

Which is the same case with the transaction feature, which made its way to the app pretty late. The pilot program took off for the users in Brazil, earlier this year.


This transaction feature would allow the users to send money or make a purchase from a local store securely without the need of leaving the chat.

However, this pilot program was paused by Brazil’s Central Bank. This was done in order to evaluate potential security risks and ensure compliance with rules and regulations in the country.

The company later shared that it has plans to bring payments to all the users in the near future. In fact, WhatsApp has had this catalog feature in the past. But it was limited in functionality than what Facebook has now projected via the video.


The company has been aggressively attempting to bring shopping features available to all its apps, be it Instagram, or Facebook. So, it should not come as a surprise that the company is making similar attempts for WhatsApp.