Verizon Rolls Out Its Low-Band 5G Support To Some Phones

verizon 5g nationwide network low band

A tweet by Verizon PR Manager George Koroneos confirms that Verizon is now rolling out support for its low-band 5G to some smartphones.

Well, 5G is something that the world is waiting for. 5G would drastically improve the connectivity speeds that we are used to right now. And Verizon is taking its first step in delivering 5G support to some phones.

Notably, T-Mobile is also pushing a lower-band nationwide 5G support. Moreover, it seems like Verizon also did not want to miss out on this race and it has followed in the footsteps of T-Mobile.


Select 5G phones will be picking up an update that will bring low-band 5G support to the device. This will help the device stay connected and have access to a more far-reaching network.

Besides, the upcoming 5G phones, soon to be launched, will have this feature out of the box. This nationwide 5G network uses DSS to share the existing LTE spectrum with 5G.

As per Verizon, this network would cover around 200 million users. Android phones are fully capable of supporting this network. Additionally, as per reports, a bunch of Samsung devices has already updated with this access.


Verizon Low-Band 5G Support is live for Galaxy Note 20, S20 series, and more

Verizon PR Manager George Koroneos further confirmed the names of the Samsung Galaxy Phones that are receiving this Verizon nationwide 5G access.

The list includes Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G series, Galaxy S20 5G UW, Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G UW, Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy A71 5G UW, and Galaxy A51 5G UW.

The customers of the above-mentioned phones will be receiving a software update notification over the next few days. Once the notification pops up, hit the download button to get nationwide 5G access from Verizon.


However, note that the new 5G network support is not limited to these mentioned phones. Other 5G Verizon models will also receive an update in the coming weeks. So, keep an eye on your software update.

We expect the phones with the “5G UW” moniker will see this feature getting enabled via subsequent updates. Speeds will probably vary by market, and over time the speeds will get a boost.

This is not a good sign, initially, as users are already paying a premium for using the 5G services. And if the services are not matured, there is no point in rolling out support for its low-band 5G.


5G Nationwide Update now available on Samsung devices from verizon