Uninstall These Android Apps Before They Make Your Phone Unusable

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Android apps getting malicious is not something new. But it is better to keep yourself updated about which Android apps you should keep your distance with.

A popular and global leader in digital security and privacy products, Avast has discovered that as many as 21 Android apps that are plagued with adware.

What’s more alarming is that out of these 21 apps, 19 apps are still available to download via the Google Play Store, as per the investigating reports.


Avast has been constantly keeping an eye on adware apps. And it is reported similar reports about Android apps with adware back in June and September.

These infected Android apps with adware show a tremendous amount of ads and lure the user in downloading the adware by posing as a gaming app.

Moreover, as per the report, these infected adware Android apps have been downloaded about 8 million times. This number is based on a report by SensorTower, a mobile apps marketing intelligence and insights company.


You should uninstall all these adware infested Android apps from your device

Before we go on telling you the harms and effects of such adware apps, you should take a look at the list of the adware infected Android apps that you need to stay away from.

Nearly two dozens Android apps available on the Google Play Store are infected with adware. Below is the list of adware infected apps;

  • Shoot Them
  • Crush Car
  • Rolling Scroll
  • Helicopter Attack – New
  • Assassin Legend – 2020 New
  • Helicopter Shoot
  • Rugby Pass
  • Flying Skateboard
  • Iron it
  • Shooting Run
  • Plant Monster
  • Find Hidden
  • Find 5 Differences – 2020 New
  • Rotate Shape
  • Jump Jump
  • Find the Differences – Puzzle Game
  • Sway Man
  • Desert Against
  • Money Destroyer
  • Cream Trip – New
  • Props Rescue

Without a second thought, if you have any one of the apps installed on your Android device, you should immediately uninstall them. Though many of them don’t look that malicious, reports have confirmed that these are not good for your device.


Be wise before installing any game or Android app from the Play Store

Avast cybersecurity experts have scanned down the entire Google Play Store for red flags. This is the third time in four months and they have come with another ad-infested apps list.

YouTube Ads and other in-game ads promote these games or apps pretty heavily and users, by accident, are lured into downloading these titles.

Once you have installed the infected app on your device, the app will show you considerably more ads. In fact, many of the apps will show up outside the app itself.


This makes finding out the culprit very difficult. So, it is always better to avoid spammy positive reviews and installation counts while downloading the app.

You should trust user reviews that have some explanation about the review that they have given. The best thing that you can do is first head over to YouTube and look for the gameplay or how the app works before downloading the app.

This also means that you cannot solely rely on Google Play Store. From the list, it is pretty clear that Google is not doing enough to keep such malicious apps away from users.