Ultimate Ears' New Earbuds Mold To Fit Your Personal Ear Shape

UE Fits True Wireless Earbuds

Ultimate Ears has a new pair of earbuds that are designed to fit your ears perfectly. But not just like any other pair of earbuds that make that claim.

Unlike other earbuds, these new earbuds from Ultimate Ears actually can fit your ears perfectly. At least if they work as Ultimate Ears says. They're called the UE Fits and they're designed to conform to your personal ear shape.

They mold to your ears specifically so there is a perfect seal for passive noise isolation and uninterrupted sound. Not to mention unrivaled comfort. Or so it would seem.


Ultimate Ears 'Fits' earbuds mold to fit your ears using Lightform tech

You're probably wondering how you end up getting a perfectly conformed pair of true wireless earbuds.

Ultimate Ears uses a technology called Lightform which is powered in part by a set of LEDs in the earbuds. These LEDs turn on and cause the gel tips to harden after you put them in your ears and initiate the process in the companion app.

The whole process takes about a minute to finish. So in much less time than it takes to listen to a standard length music track, your earbuds will be molded to your personal ear shape and you can go about using them.


Quite impressive. Worth noting is that Ultimate Ears already has plenty of experience in making custom fit audio products like this. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before it utilized its experience and knowhow to produce a pair of earbuds for the consumer market that do the same thing.

You can already pre-order the earbuds and at a special discount no less

Ultimate Ears was ready to do more than just announce the Fits. As they're already available for pre-order and you can grab them from Ultimate Ears right now.

For a limited time they're also available at a special pre-sale discount. Normally these will run you $249.99. But if you pre-order them early enough you can snag them for $199.99. Ultimate Ears doesn't say when the pre-sale is over, though.


The UE Fits are offered in three colorways. Which are Cloud, Dawn, and Eclipse. For those that want more understandable color names that translates to Gray, Lilac, and Midnight Blue.

The UE Fits will ship sometime in late Fall, so expect these to leave the pre-sale stage sometime around the middle or the end of November. Though the pre-sale could always end before then.