A Horde Of Ubisoft Games Comes To Stadia & Luna Before 2021

Ubisoft Plus

Ubisoft officially made a big announcement this morning with the coming arrival of its subscription service for Luna and Stadia.

The publisher says that both Stadia and Luna will gain access to the service, now called Ubisoft+, before 2021. In addition to the release date of the service, Ubisoft has also announced the rebranding. Previously it was called Uplay+, but that name no longer makes sense.

Earlier this Fall, Ubisoft changed the name of Uplay to Ubisoft Connect. Stating that this would be the hub for all things Ubisoft from games to achievements and more. So, Ubisoft+ is essentially a rebranding to keep the name of the service in line with the other that was rebranded some weeks back.


Not that many users would be confused, but there would surely be some that wouldn’t recognize the two. Ubisoft seems keen on avoiding any confusion at all.

Ubisoft+ will come to Luna first, Stadia later

Luna subscribers, of which there aren’t many, will get first dibs on Ubisoft+ access. Ubisoft says Stadia will still get access before the end of the year though.

Starting on November 10, anyone who has been invited to the Luna closed beta will be able to subscribe to the Ubisoft channel for $14.99 a month. For that price, they get access to over 100 games from Ubisoft’s library of titles.


Some of them will be older titles, some of them will be more recent titles. And, some of them will be brand-new releases like Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Ubisoft didn’t mention a date for Stadia, but did say that by the end of the year, Stadia subscribers will have access to the Ubisoft+ subscription at $14.99 a month as well. This could mean the service launches sometime at the end of November or sometime in December.

The main difference is that Stadia access is granted to free Stadia subscribers. Though you can use it alongside Pro, Pro is not required. Whereas with Luna you still have to pay for the $5.99 a month for the beta access.


Meaning Stadia users are saving a bit of money here.

The games included will be premium editions

There is one or two caveats though. Ubisoft says this will only be the case where premium editions are available. For example, if a game doesn’t have a premium edition, then Ubisoft+ will not include it because there isn’t one to include.

Ubisoft also notes that premium editions inside Ubisoft+ may not include all the DLC content. So that’s something to keep in mind.


It will include cross-platform progression though for some games. Likely many of the newer ones. Which is a pretty big upside for anyone who has more than one platform to access Ubisoft+ on.