Twitter Makes Temporary Change That Makes It More Difficult To Retweet

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During the U.S. election, Twitter has made a change making it harder to retweet other people's posts. As reported by Android Central, this will only go on until the end of the election in November.

The way Twitter deals with posts and content on its platform during the election is of the utmost importance. After all the issues social media platforms faced in 2016, they have had to be more prepared this time around.

As a result, Twitter has announced a new 'Birdwatch' feature to try and have users help curtail the spread of misinformation. However, some of the company's actions have got them into hot water. After the decision to bloke the link to a story about Joe Biden, the Senate decided to vote on whether to subpoena the CEO of the company.


This temporary change to the way users can retweet on Twitter appears to be a way to tackle mindless retweeting. The company will hope this stops the spread of misinformation on the platform even on a small scale.

Twitter making it harder to retweet on the platform

The change essentially boils down to adding an extra step before simply retweeting. Before you could choose easily between retweeting or quote tweeting with a comment on someone else's post.

Now when looking to retweet you are taken straight to quote tweet option as default. To retweet as normal, you can simply just not enter any text in when quote tweeting.

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The idea here is to prompt users to make a comment on tweets they wish to promote rather than knee-jerk retweeting. It works in a similar way to the prompt the company uses asking users to read articles before retweeting them.

On the whole, it looks to be a positive move from Twitter as it should make people think twice about mindless retweeting a post. However, this is only a slight change and probably will not have a major effect on the spread of misinformation on the platform.

The other positive for Twitter though is that this action should not get them into any trouble with either side of the political divide. It is relatively harmless generally and should not cause any issues with anyone, although that is never a guarantee.


Twitter has also made it clear that this change will only remain in place until the end of the election. So by the end of 2020, you will have the standard retweet options back in case that was a big worry for you.