New Twitter "Grouped" Feature Getting Tested On Android

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Twitter has begun testing its new "grouped" feature on Android to get users to see more relevant posts. As announced on the platform, this new feature will suggest a group of accounts for users to follow based on a grouped subject of posts.

Twitter has added a number of new features over recent weeks and months to the platform marking a busy period for the company. Back in September, it was reported that Twitter would begin testing voice DMs. This followed the introduction of voice tweets on the platform.

Twitter has also introduced a new 'quote' tweet counter. This replaced the retweets and comments metric which previously held its place on the platform.


Now it looks like Twitter wants to introduce you to more relevant accounts with this "grouped" feature. This feature will begin testing as of now for a select few Android users, as reported by Phone Arena.

Twitter begins testing new "grouped" feature

The new feature will offer users a suggestion to follow a group of relevant accounts. This will display on the page of a suggestion to follow a group of relevant accounts. The accounts will, therefore, be linked to that account you have just followed in some way.

Users then have the option to follow all the accounts in the suggestion with one tap. Alternatively, you have the option to remove the ones you do not have an interest in. Thus only following a select few.


This introduction will replace the traditional suggestion box currently in place. At the moment it suggests three users and provides the option to see more relevant accounts.

This feature, therefore, clearly aims to get more users following more people as it is wider in scope. The aim is to widen everyone's network to try and create a more interconnected platform.

The feature is currently still in testing and, therefore, only available to a select few Android users. Whether it makes its way over to iOS for further testing is still up in the air. It may simply get rolled out if it proves popular with Android users.


As alluded to, little is known about the nature of the test and what its timeframe is. We will have to keep our noses to the ground on this one.

This new "grouped" feature could roll out fully quite soon as it is only a simple replace of the existing suggestion box. Howver, Twitter may want to test it for a while so we will just have to wait and see.