Triller Has Allegedly Been Inflating Its User Numbers

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One of TikTok’s main competitors, Triller has allegedly been inflating its own user numbers. As reported by Business Insider, some former employees have expressed wariness at the monthly user number published by the company.

Given all the strain TikTok has been under this would be a great time as a competitor to try and make a move. Should a ban come to fruition Triller would have been in a great position to strike.

However, TikTok has gained some success in its legal battle against the ban. This perhaps makes things difficult for companies like Triller. However, this new still could not have come at a worse time.


Triller inflating its user numbers has the potential to totally devalue the brand and its integrity to the outside world. If this news turns out to be true it could have big ramifications for the company.

Triller may have been fudging its own user numbers

Triller claims that it was hitting 100 million monthly users as reported by The Verge. However, its own ex-employees have disputed those numbers.

In the last month, Triller has attracted a number of high profile TikTok stars which has boosted the profile of the app. This has included the most popular person on the platform, Charli D’Amelio.


However, the number the company claimed now suddenly looks quite shady. Back in October 2019 the company claimed it had 13 million monthly active users and 60 million app downloads.

A screenshot provided from inside the company shows only 2 million monthly active users on iOS though. And around 484,000 monthly active users on Android. This was supposedly taken only a few weeks after the company’s announcement of the previous numbers.

Triller responds to fake number claims

Triller has released a statement tackling the accusations. It says that the former employees were “disseminating inaccurate information”.


However, third-party mobile analytics firm Apptopia has made an estimate on the download numbers for Triller. They estimate that the company only had 52 million lifetime downloads as of August 2020.

This accounts to only a fifth of the number the company itself claims. Triller threatened to sue over the difference at the time the estimate came out.

Regardless of how true the claims are it can only be damaging for Triller. Especially, at a time when the app sits in the public eye. It was in a position to capitalize on the hype surrounding TikTok and now this may have had a massive negative impact on any growth the app could have gained.