The PS5 DualSense Controller Does Indeed Work With Android

Sony DualSense Controller for PS5

It’s the age old question that many users are probably asking themselves right now, does the PS5 DualSense controller work with Android?

Ok so this may not be a question that everyone is asking, but someone, somewhere, has likely thought about it. The good news is that the DualSense controller for the PS5 does indeed work with Android smartphones.

Meaning you can play games on services like Xbox Game Pass and Stadia. Or, of course, your standard mobile games on an Android phone. If you don’t play games on your phone but you do sometimes play on PC, the DulSense works with that too.


To an extent at least. While Sony hasn’t confirmed this compatibility itself, the controller was unboxed by YouTube content creator Austin Evans (as reported by The Verge), who tested it with both platforms. He also tested it on the PS4 and while it did recognize the controller, it didn’t really work.

The PS5 DualSense is a fully functioning Android controller

It was probably to be expected, but the DualSense works with Android pretty flawlessly. The DualShock 4 has supported Android for years now and really it’s just a Bluetooth controller.

Bluetooth controllers have had mobile support for years too. So it would only stand to reason that the DualSense would work as well. Until Sony itself officially announces this support, this can serve as your confirmation that you can replace the DualShock 4 with the DualSense for any of your mobile gaming needs.


When it comes to the PC support, the controller did connect. And it did function. But there were some caveats. In Evans’ test, some of the buttons didn’t quite work right or at the very least not as smoothly as they might if it were a DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller.

This means you probably can’t use it with games on Steam for now. Though eventually Steam will probably support it. If you were to use the DualSense on PC, you would likely need to use software to remap the buttons for things to work properly. At least until official support is released.

The DualSense is noticeably bigger than the DualShock 4

We’re not talking by a huge margin here, but in comparison to the DualShock 4 the DualSense is bigger.


To a point where it is noticeable if you put the two controllers side by side. This may or may not bother some users. The DualShock 4 is a fan-favorite controller design and Sony has shifted away from that a little bit with the DualSense.

So keep that in mind when holding one of these for the first time. The PS5 will come with one DualSense controller in the box, and that’s likely where the USB-C charging cable will be too. Interestingly, the box for the DualSense as a standalone purchase doesn’t come with the cable. It’s just the controller and the manual inside.

If you’re planning on getting the PS5 and wanted and extra DualSense controller or any other PS5 accessories, all of those are currently available for pre-order.