Here's The Most Popular Super Mario Game In Every State

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Super Mario is one of the most popular video game characters of all time. So it's only fitting that during the year of Super Mario's 35th birthday, you get to see which Super Mario game is the most popular for every state in the US.

Nintendo celebrated Super Mario's 35th birthday back on September 13, 2020. Since then, the video game company has released a new game on the Nintendo Switch to commemorate the iconic hero's name day.

Called Super Mario 35, the title is a multiplayer platformer that pits you against 34 other players. The goal is simple. Be the last player standing. Of course Super Mario 35 isn't the only game from the franchise that people are playing. Or at least searching for.


According to data from TakeSpruce, which based its findings on search terms from Google Trends, these were the Mario games that were searched for the most.

The most popular Mario game in your state may surprise you

The familiar sounds of Mario's famous "wa-hoo!" span across decades of games on every single console that Nintendo has ever released.

Whether you've been a diehard fan of Mario since the beginning or not though, if you play games, you may have played at least one game featuring the famous plumber. Curious to know what Mario game other people in your state are interested in most?

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This handy chart from TakeSpruce lays out which game was searched for most in every state. According to the data, "Super Mario Bros." appears to be the most searched term involving Nintendo's leading man.

However this is more of a general term that could blanket all of the games. Some states do seem to perform more specific searches though. Michigan for example has searched for Super Mario 3D All- Stars the most. Meanwhile the one and only state where Dr. Mario was the most searched game is New York.

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Mario Party and a couple others top the rankings

If the state by state visual is less appealing, you can more easily break down which games were searched for the most with this chart graphic instead.

Three games out of the various series in the overall franchise tied for the top spot. That includes Mario Party, Super Mario Maker, and Super Mario Bros. which were all the most searched in seven different states.

Mario Kart was the most searched for in six different states. Many of the different series games from the Mario franchise weren't searched for very often though. As the majority of them were only searched for in one state.


Regardless of which Mario games were the most popular, Mario in general remains one of the most iconic video game characters of any platform. So much so that he has transcended beyond video games.

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