Stadia Pro Gets Six New Games Including Dead By Daylight

Stadia Pro

It's a new month which means there's new games coming as freebies to Stadia Pro, including Dead by Daylight.

Dead By Daylight of course isn't the only game being added to that lineup. Also worth noting is that October is yet another month where Google is adding way more free games to the Stadia pro lineup than it promised back during its launch in 2019.

Prior to and directly after Stadia was launched, Google promised at least one new game each month that Pro members would be able to claim for free. And it indeed started out that way. With a couple of games being added to Pro for the first couple months.


Lately though, Google has been placing at least four new games in the Pro list. And this month continues that trend.

Dead By Daylight is new to Stadia and not just Stadia Pro

Google has been adding one game to its Pro list that is completely new to the platform for the last few months.

This month that game is Dead By Daylight. Launching on the platform today, Pro members can of course claim it for free. But if you're not subscribed to Pro you can still purchase it for your collection.


In addition to Dead By Daylight, Stadia Pro members can also claim Human: Fall Flat, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, Lara Croft: Temple Of Osiris, Celeste, and Jotun. Unfortunately, Google doesn't just add new games every month. It tends to take some away too.

This time around the games that left Pro were Metro 2033 Redux, The Turing Test, and Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom. If you didn't claim these by September 30, then you lost out on your chance to snag them at no cost.

More discounts arrive + Risk Of Rain 2

Dead By Daylight isn't the only new game joining Stadia this week. Risk of Rain 2 was also officially launched on the platform.


And, Stadia users get exclusive content with The Sundered Grove (a new map) that other platforms where the game exists don't have access to. This is just a timed exclusive. So eventually Hopoo Games will release The Sundered Grove for other platforms.

Stadia users get first crack at it though. There are also some new discounts worth mentioning that you may want to consider picking up. For instance, The Division 2 Standard Edition is down to $15. The Warlords Of New York Edition is $30, and the Ultimate Edition of that is $40.

For Pro subscribers those prices are even lower, at $9.89, $19.79, and $26.39 respectively. Pro subscribers can also pick up just the Warlords Of new York expansion for $15 by itself. As a reminder, Stadia Pro subscribers will always get slightly better discounts on games when discounts are added. So free games aren't the only incentive to subscribe.