Parental Control Without Control – It’s Fun And Great For Adults Too

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Imagine what lockdown would have been like without screens. Imagine what it would have been like without the internet. *Shudder*.

The glorious content that flows from our phones and tablets like a screaming multicolored waterfall of high grade entertainment helped keep us sane during the last few months of homeschooling and enforced isolation.

But now, let’s face it, you’re hooked. Your kids are hooked. It’s time to get clean. And Spotty Time is here to help you do it.


Put simply, Spotty Time is a tool that limits your screen time, cutting you off for up to three hours per session. While the block is active, you’ll be locked out of all of the functions of your smartphone other than calls.

For three hours at a time, your phone becomes, well, a phone. You can timetable these breaks in advance, too, so that they kick in at regular points throughout the week. Once in place they’re completely irreversible, to prevent backsliding in moments of weakness.

The benefits are obvious. Not only will you and your loved ones find it easier to concentrate during the blackout, but you’ll gradually develop better self-control as you learn to live without the crutch of your smartphone and its obnoxious tag team partner, the internet.

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You’ll also spend more time with your family, playing board games, talking, and generally hanging out together without vanishing every 30 seconds down an internet, social media, gaming, or messaging rabbit hole.

Best of all, Spotty Time actively incentivises taking breaks from screens, dishing out coins to spend on in-game items such as pictures, gear, and customization options. Spotty Time gamifies not playing games.

There’s a wonderful world out there, and Spotty Time can help you rediscover it. Head to Google Play to check it out right now.