'Special Edition' OnePlus 8T Is Coming As Well

AH OnePlus 8T logo 9

The OnePlus 8T got announced yesterday, and it seems like a ‘special edition’ of this smartphone is also coming. This information comes from Max J., who is usually spot on when it comes to OnePlus information.

He went to Twitter in order to tell people that the special edition variant of the OnePlus 8T is on its way, just to keep everyone on their toes. This is probably the same phone Evan Blass teased last month.

Mr. Blass tweeted out “OnePlus 8T Limited Edition” via his official Twitter handle, and that was it. He did not share any other information about the device. This sure seems to be the same phone Max J. is talking about, though.

‘Special Edition’ OnePlus 8T coming, following the ‘special edition’ OnePlus Nord model

OnePlus actually announced a ‘special edition’ Nord variant, which is essentially just an Ash Gray model with a matte back. Does that mean that the ‘special edition’ OnePlus 8T will just be a differently-colored OnePlus 8T? Well, it’s possible, but we’re hoping for more.

Many of you know that OnePlus is no stranger to releasing special edition smartphones. In the past, the company partnered up with Disney, Marvel, and McLaren in order to release some special edition devices.

Well, we’re hoping something similar will happen in the near future for the OnePlus 8T. McLaren and OnePlus ended their partnership a while back, so that makes us wonder what to expect here.

OnePlus will almost certainly find a new partner for its special edition handset, but we can’t even begin to guess who it is. We just hope that this special edition model will differentiate in more ways than one.

In the past, the company even changed the backplate on its special edition phones. Well, some of them, others simply had a different paint job and a logo of a brand OnePlus is partnering with.

Let’s hope this new partnership will result in some more flare to the device, like a sandstone back or something of the sort. We’re guessing that this special edition device will arrive in a couple of months from now. Until then, check out our OnePlus 8T review.