Sony Xperia Smartphone Business Stabilized, It Stopped Shrinking

Sony Xperia XZ3 AH NS 12 logo

There was a time when HTC and Sony used to rule the smartphone business. Sony used to release a new Xperia smartphone, every now and then. But today, the scenario has completely flipped.

Once a big name in the smartphone market has been completely dominated by the likes of Samsung, Huawei, etc. considering its Android counterparts.

Sony has been reduced to being a niche brand and only typical Xperia fans go for the new device that this Japanese brand releases. The phones are also not widely available except in Europe and the United States.


However, new reports suggest that the Sony Xperia smartphone business is coming back on track and has now stabilized. Moreover, the Sony Xperia smartphone business has stopped shrinking.

This is indeed some good news for Sony as the company has fought hard for its survival in 2020. It recently launched Sony Xperia 1 II and Xperia 5 II which are camera-centric.

The phones pack some in-depth manual controls, ported straight from the Sony Alpha camera lineup. And this could very well be the reason the Sony smartphone business is on the path of revival.

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Sony shipped over 600,000 Xperia smartphones in Q3 of 2020

As per official financial reports, Sony managed to ship over 600,000 Xperia smartphones in Q3 of 2020. Though this might not look like a big number when compared to millions of phones Apple and Samsung are shipping, it is something.

This number compares well with Sony’s previous year’s shipment numbers. Back in 2019, Sony was able to hold the same number of Xperia phones. And this ultimately means that the smartphone business has stopped shrinking.

These are some positive numbers as Sony recorded its lowest shipments earlier this year with only 400,000 units of Sony Xperia smartphone being shipped.


And since we are already into the final quarter of 2020, it would be great to see how Sony performs in Q4 of 2020. Historically, Q4 has been the strongest for Sony Xperia smartphones.

The Sony Xperia smartphone business generated slightly more revenue compared to the previous year. It managed to generate $759.46 million in revenue in Q3 2020, higher than $746.04 million in last year’s Q3 2020.

Besides, Sony also revealed that in August the mobile division was on track and generated profit in nearly 4 years. This is some good signs as we would also like to see Sony come back stronger in the smartphone market.


For a detailed report on the performance of all the divisions that Sony has under its portfolio, you can head over here to read the financial report PDF file.