The PSVR Will Work With PS5 But You Need This Free Adapter

new psvr

Sony is well aware that owners of the PSVR will want to use it with the PS5. And it will work as Sony previously confirmed that it’ll be compatible with the new system.

You will need an adapter for the camera though. Since the PS5 will have the new HD Camera accessory that won’t work with PSVR, you need the adapter to make the PS4’s PlayStation camera work with the new console. The good news is that Sony isn’t going to make customers buy the adapter.

It is possible to get it for free because Sony is literally giving them away to anyone that already owns the PSVR. It stands to reason too that there probably isn’t any sort of timing restrictions here. Meaning whether you’ve owned the PSVR for years or you pick one up with your PS5 after launch, you can probably still (and should be able to) pick up one of these adapters.


Here’s what Sony needs before it sends out the PSVR adapter for PS5

You read that right. Sony will send the adapter to you. You don’t have to go anywhere and bring along a voucher to pick one up in store.

Sony will simply ship it out to you at no charge for the accessory or the shipping costs. You do need to do at least one thing though. Obviously you need to be a PSVR owner already. If you are, you’ll need to request the adapter using this link.

The first thing you’ll have to do following a captcha verification is enter your PSVR serial number. Make sure you have that handy so you can save yourself some time in going to look at it.


After you fill that out, you then need to provide Sony with your shipping address and then the adapter will be on its way. Presumably you’ll need to enter an email address as well, to which Sony will likely send you an email alert of when the adapter has been shipped out.

The adapter will take a couple of weeks to arrive

There are a couple of other important details to note about the adapter after you request one.

While the adapter is free and so is the shipping, even if you fill out the form today and request one, don’t expect the adapter to show up anytime soon.


Sony says that the adapter will not start shipping out to consumers who request it until the middle of November. On top of that you need to wait up to an additional two weeks from the ship date for it to arrive on your doorstep.

That means for anyone who pre-ordered the PS5, or for anyone who grabs one at launch, you won’t get to use the PSVR with the system on day one.