Slack Introduces A Host Of New Features To Improve Collaboration And Privacy

Slack AH 2020

Slack has announced a whole raft of new updates designed to improve the platform. As reported by Tech Radar, Slack claims these new features will revolutionize the way you work from home.

Working collaborations platforms such as Slack and others have been crucial during the lockdown period. Workers have had to successfully collaborate remotely making these platforms all the more important.

This has led to Slack having to launch new products such as a Connect Platform in order to boost business communication. Prior to this, the company introduced a new UI update for Android users making the platform more navigatable.


These new updates primarily focus on security measures to ensure employees remain data safe whilst away from the office. It also includes new communication features to allow better collaboration across companies.

Slack introduces new communication features

One of the main new featured introduced is Slack Connect DMs. This allows users to better collaborate better with people outside of your company.

Simply send an invitation to the partner or collaborator via Slack. Once they accept you can begin collaborating through direct messages instantly.


Slack hopes that this will hope different businesses communicate more efficiently and easily. Being away from the office, making that communication process as easy as possible has suddenly become much more important for most.

New security features make Slack a safer environment

Companies will also be able to demonstrate their trustworthiness on Slack thanks to a new  Verified Organisations tool. This acts a bit like the blue tick on Twitter to show that they are a trusted partner.

Admins can also pre-approve channel requests with these trusted organizations. This makes collaboration between these companies quicker and more efficient.


Slack has also integrated a new Socket Mode to its Workflow Builder service. This allows users to build secure, interactive apps behind your organization’s firewall. Once these are approved they can be deployed across your organisation.

Slack believes that these new features will help users work from home following research that shows most employees are extremely positive about being away from the office.

Slack's research found that happiness in work-life balance and satisfaction with working arrangements has improved. Generally, employees are less stressed and have experienced less anxiety since working from home.


This has led Slack's  Brian Elliott, VP of Future Forum to describe the pandemic as a "golden opportunity to redesign the world of work".

The company will therefore hope that these new features, which will roll out over the coming months, will continue to aid this happiness whilst working from home for however long it continues for everyone.