Samsung's S-View Cover Is Causing Screen Burn-In On Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S View Flip Cover

Samsung's official S-View Flip Cover might not be the protective case you'd want to put on your brand new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra right now. The case is causing screen burn-in for many Note 20 Ultra owners, Android Police reports, compiling user complaints from the Samsung community forum and Reddit.

Affected units show discoloration along the right side of the screen, the area utilized by the case's transparent cover window to displays visuals. The discoloration is particularly noticeable at low brightness and in darker environments.

It's unclear what's causing the issue, though. For some users, the discoloration fades away after some time if they stop using the S-View Flip Cover. This suggests it could be a software bug where the device fails to turn off the portion of the screen utilized by the case, resulting in temporary image retention.

However, it doesn't work as intended for everyone even if they remove the Flip Cover. So there's a concern that it could be permanent damage as OLED screens are particularly susceptible to burn-in issues.

Leaving a static image on the screen for longer periods may leave traces of it on the display. While those traces are usually temporary and go away after some time, there's also a chance of the screen retaining the image permanently. Hopefully, that's not the case here. OLED screens are also prone to UV damage from direct sunlight.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners complain of screen burn-in issues with Samsung's S-View Flip Cover

The S-View Flip Cover is one of the best protective cases for Galaxy smartphones. It protects both the front and back of the phone while its transparent window lets you quickly access notifications, alarms, and events without opening the cover. You can also respond to incoming phone calls, control your music, and read important information like time, date, and battery level through this portion.

However, this very functionality is turning out to be problematic in the case of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. While the issue doesn't seem to be widespread, it's rather unusual behavior. This is certainly not something you would expect to see on your ultra-expensive phone.

Samsung has yet to acknowledge the reports. Hopefully, the issue is fixable with a software update and the company will release a statement about it soon. For the time being, you might want to consider putting some other protective case on your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. There are tons of options out there including many offerings from Samsung itself.