Samsung Pursuing Brexiters, Demanding Huawei Trade-Ins

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Samsung’s latest growth strategy in the United Kingdom hasn’t exactly been trying to embody elegance. Or anything of the sort, really. But the sheer volume of opportunities you now have to exchange your relatively new Huawei handset for a Samsung one is getting pretty difficult to ignore.

Especially given how much quicker virtually any existing Huawei handset, no matter how luxurious, is currently losing value given the fact itts manufacturer probably won’t be pursuing security updates the moment it can once again access a contemporary Android license, including the entirety of the Play Store and countless services composing the core of today’s Android mobile experience.

As illustrated by one of Samsung’s many ads currently making the rounds on British social media, getting rid of something akin to the Huawei P30 Pro has never really been easier. Because between Huawei’s struggles to deliver the very basics of what Android devices require (including a convenient charging adapter).


Huawei is still doing what it can to push out much more painstakingly assembled lines of code, though it’s unsurprising that the overall idea was to ty patches often enough for its handsets to maintain something resembling relevance, it’s a pretty good time to be leading a British division of the world’s largest handset manufacturer.

Samsung is all about collecting those British pounds now

But anyway, what could possibly illustrate that state of affairs better than a couple of intelligently positioned devices? Products meant to maximize the current constrast in appeal between Huawei’s and Google’s portfolio. For xample, the Galaxy Note 20 is currently available for purchase with as much as £349.99 off its base price of £949.99 if you trade a Huawei P30 Pro in exchange, as Samsung began teasing earlier today.

The offer itself, originally launched on Monday, is so far planned to run through November 8th. And, of course, the catch for British consumers is that they can only take advantage of this promotion by going directly to Samsung. All things considered, Samsung pursuing Brexiters and trying t0 produce as many Huawei P30s… well, this is becoming quite familiar as the page is already listing all of the available rounds for the. Something that Finlad isn’t really even trying to hide any longer.