Samsung Officially Announces 5nm Exynos 1080 With Cortex-A78 & Mali-G78 GPU

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A new official Weibo post reports that Samsung has officially announced its next-gen SoC, the Exynos 1080. The chipset will utilize the new ARM Cortex-A78 CPU along with the new Mali-G78 GPU architecture.

So, the company will be going ahead with the new Exynos 1080. Besides, the chipset will be built on the 5nm process with AnTuTu scores surpassing that of Snapdragon 865+.

This is huge because Samsung’s Exynos chipsets have been facing flak from the tech-eyes due to their underperformance. This 5nm process used to build Exynos 1080 is the same as the Apple A14, Snapdragon 875, and Kirin 9000.


According to the official Weibo post, Samsung Semiconductor China Research Institute director Dr. Pan Xuebao revealed that they will be launching Exynos 1080 soon.

Notably, the 5nm process that the Exynos 1080 will be built upon, is here to provide better energy efficiency. Furthermore, the chip will make use of the Cortex-A78 CPU along with the Mali-G78 GPU.

Both the CPUs are their respective upgrades. And going by ARM’s official numbers, the Cortex-A78 delivers a 20% jump in CPU performance over its predecessor, i.e. the A77.


On the other hand, the Mali-G78 GPU offers a jump of 25% bump of performance over Mali-G77. The chip is expected to come out for the first time with the Vivo smartphone later in Q4 2020.

Samsung Exynos 1080 would power mid-to-high-end smartphones

Obviously, this is not the flagship chip from Samsung. And Exynos 1080 will be positioned for mid-range or upper-mid-range smartphones from the OEM.

For those who are intrigued, the company is already working on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 counterpart, the Exynos 2100, which will debut with Galaxy S21 (Galaxy S30).


Talking about the AnTuTu scores, here is where the Exynos 1080 shines ahead of the Snapdragon 865+, which is the latest offering from Qualcomm.

The device powered by the Exynos 1080 scored 650,000 points on the AnTuTu benchmark. These numbers were higher than that of Snapdragon 865 and 865+.

Another interesting thing to note is that this Exynos 1080 has been touted to be a China-only chipset. And is expected to debut with the Vivo smartphone this year.


So, it is not clear at the moment, which Samsung phone will house this new Exynos 1080 chipset built with a 5nm process. Though the exact details about the manufacturing process are still not known.

We expect Samsung to put forth all these details at some time in the future. This means that the Exynos 1080 is the successor to the Exynos 980, while the Exynos 2100 will be the successor to the Exynos 990.

However, note that the Exynos 990 was built on a 7nm process and the Exynos 1080 will be built on the 5nm process. So, a considerable improvement over the company’s 2020 flagship chipset is obvious.