Samsung's Good Lock App Receives Broader Market Availability

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 AH NS Good Lock 2019 02

Samsung’s popular Good Lock app is now available in a broader range of markets. It came as a ghost update by Samsung, which made no announcement about the greater availability.

However, its appearance on the Galaxy Store in several European countries tipped some users off. It is now available at the very least in The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

Many of us may be unfamiliar with Samsung’s Good Lock app. The app isn’t new; it has been around for quite some time already. It was originally released by Samsung in 2016. Good Lock allows its users to experiment with user interface tweaks to their Galaxy series smartphones.


Samsung’s Good Lock Features

The app itself is not full-featured. Rather, it makes use of special module apps to modify and customize several elements of your Galaxy phone’s One UI.

These include Wonderland which allows for custom live wallpapers, Edge Lighting Plus which allows for additional customization of your phone’s edge lighting, and NavStar which gives you the ability to customize the navigation bar.

The reason you may not have heard of it is that the app was not made widely available since day one. Its gradual release has slowly expanded it into key regions. It will no longer remain exclusive to the previously specific markets.

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The lack of announcement by Samsung suggests they may be trialing the app for release in European markets. Interested users may find it worth their time to check for this app’s availability in their country.

Samsung Steps Forward for New Innovations

Samsung has come a long way since its earliest smartphone offerings, which often featured bloatware and gimmicks that would come and go from generation to generation.

It’s latest Galaxy and Galaxy Note series smartphones have received some of the company’s best reviews so far, although their quadruple-digit price has been somewhat disparaged. Their user interface has been a less serious departure from Android’s stock software. In fact, it has arguably improved upon it.


The hardware capabilities of Samsung phones have also boasted unique and useful features of late. For example, the “Wireless Powershare” feature allows users to not only charge wirelessly, but to use their phone as a wireless charger itself to charge other devices.

These latest iterations have given users markedly less bloatware and more customization options. Samsung’s Good Lock will be a welcome addition to their already powerful features set.