Imagine A Larger Galaxy Z Fold Device With A Sliding Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold with sliding keyboard 9

Can you imagine a larger Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone with a sliding keyboard? Well, if that sounds appealing, you’ll be glad to know it may actually become a reality. Samsung has patented a design for one such device.

This device has two folding points on the display, not one. So, it’s a triple folding phone, essentially. That’s not all, though. On one end, this phone also packs in a sliding keyboard.

That is not your regular QWERTY keyboard with physical keys, this one has digital ones, though it’s a full-fledged keyboard. Those digital keys seem to be placed on a piece of metal or glass that slides out.


If this Galaxy Z Fold device with a sliding keyboard becomes a reality, it will be quite heavy

Those keys are backlit, so you can see what you’re pressing. Once the phone is fully unfolded, and the keyboard is out, it becomes quite large. When the keyboard is in use, though, part of the phone can be folded for it to become a stand, it seems.

This design patent was spotted on KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). It provides eight product sketches, while Letsgodigital partnered up with Sarang Sheth in order to create the renders you see in this article.

Letsgodigital is actually referring to this device as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, though there’s no proof this will become the Z Fold 3. If this device ever becomes a reality, it may be launched a completely different phone in the lineup.

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This is not the first Samsung smartphone design in which the display folds in two different places. The company published several of those thus far. This is one of the most interesting ones, though.

It remains to be seen if this handset will ever become a reality, but it would sure be interesting to see it in real life. This could become a real productivity beast. On the other hand, it will probably be quite heavy, and cumbersome to use as a regular phone. We’ll see what will happen, but don’t get your hopes up.