Samsung Shows Galaxy Z Fold 2 'Folded' & 'Unfolded' Use Cases

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 promo 1

Samsung has released two new promo videos for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, showing both ‘folded’ and ‘unfolded’ use cases. These two videos are actually called ‘The Folded Experience’ and ‘The Unfolded Experience’.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 ‘folded’ & ‘unfolded’ promo videos are here

Both videos are really short, actually, and are embedded below the article. Each of them has a duration of around half a minute, and they simply show you some use cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As you already know, this is a foldable phone, so you can use it both folded and unfolded.

The company shows the phone’s multitasking prowess in the ‘unfolded’ mode. You can use several apps on the display at the same time, which really boosts productivity. The company says that the phone’s main display is for “the bigger picture”.

There’s a lot you can do on the phone’s secondary display. That panel is now much larger than it was on the original Galaxy Fold. It basically allows you to use the phone as you would any other smartphone.

The company says that this display is ideal for texting, playing some music while you’re out and about, while you can also watch YouTube on this display while using the other part of the phone as a stand.

There are tons of use cases for both of these displays, of course. Samsung is just promoting some most common ones. We’re expecting to see many more such promo videos in the coming weeks / months.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 2 back in August. The device is now available to purchase across the globe, and it seems like the company managed to interest a lot of people.

This handset is extremely expensive, but also quite unique

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 price is quite high, though, so it’s way too pricey for most people. Foldable devices are expected to get more affordable as the technology advances, but for now, they’re extremely expensive.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a considerable improvement over the original Galaxy Fold. It is not only more durable overall, but it has much less bezel around the display. That goes for both its displays, actually.

The phone has a better hinge this time around, and it simply feels like a more polished product. It comes with high-end specifications all around, and it simply feels like a premium product, which is not the impression the original was giving out.

Samsung also used an actual glass display for the main panel this time around. It is worth noting that a plastic layer is still applied on top of it, though. If you’d like to know more about the device, check out our full review.