Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Won't Upgrade To A 144Hz Display

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t upgrade to a 144Hz display, it seems. A tipster said that the phone will stick to a 120Hz display its predecessor offers, basically.

This information comes from ‘NOT DJ Koh’ Twitter account. He claims that some fake rumors have been shared online, claiming that the Galaxy S21 Ultra may offer a 144Hz display. He says that’s not going to happen, period.

We’ve seen several smartphones rocking a 144Hz display already. Those were mostly gaming handsets with fullHD+ panels, so it makes sense, to a degree, though that’s also up for discussion.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra will likely stick to a 120Hz display, a 144Hz may be an overkill

The difference between a 60Hz and a 90Hz display is quite noticeable. The difference between a 90Hz and a 120Hz, not so much. The same goes for a jump from a 120Hz to a 144Hz panel. So, it’s not exactly surprising Samsung opted to stick to a 120Hz panel.

In fact, all three Galaxy S21 flagships will probably offer a 120Hz display. The same thing happened with the Galaxy S20 series, actually. If Samsung plans to stick with the S20 recipe, then all three phones will arrive with a QHD+ panel as well.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to become a reality in the first quarter of next year. The phone will launch alongside the Galaxy S20 and S20+, most probably. There is still a chance Samsung may switch things up, though.

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Chances are that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will resemble the S20 Ultra. The company is once again expected to utilize a display camera hole, thin bezels, and glass + metal build.

It remains to be seen if the company will stick to a curved display, though. As far as an under-display camera is concerned, the Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t feature it. The Galaxy Note 21 or 21 Ultra may, however, we’ll see.

Expect to see quite a few additional Galaxy S21 Ultra rumors in the coming weeks / months.