Samsung Galaxy S21 May Offer A Major Feature From The 'Note' Series

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 may offer a major feature from the Galaxy Note series, if a new report is to be believed. According to Korea Herald, Samsung is preparing to announce a Galaxy S21 variant with the S Pen support.

The Galaxy S21 tipped to offer a major feature from the ‘Note’ series

The Galaxy S21 5G variant, in specific, may support Samsung’s stylus. Just to be clear, the device is said not to ship with the S Pen, though. It will support its functionality, but the S Pen won’t be included as is on the Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy Note S21 will still launch, though, it seems. The source also notes that the Galaxy Note 21 is still in Samsung’s plans. It wouldn’t be surprising if the company decides not to proceed with the Galaxy Note 22, or one of the future models.


The fact that the company plans to offer S Pen support even on the flagship S series could indicate a move in that direction. Do note that the machine translation of the Korea Herald article is a bit all over the place, though.

Now, some of you probably remember a rumor that surfaced a while back, indicating that the Galaxy Note 21 may not arrive at all. Well, this is a sequel to that, pretty much, though it claims that the Galaxy Note 21 is very much coming.

That initial rumor suggested that Samsung may replace the Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy Z Fold series. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to offer S Pen support as well. That could make the Note series kind of obsolete.


If both the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Z Fold series offer S Pen support, the Galaxy Note series could lose its appeal. That S Pen made the Note series special, as its size no longer differentiates it.

It’s still unclear what will Samsung do from this point on

It will be interesting to see what road will Samsung take here. The Galaxy Note series of smartphones is extremely popular for the company. Many people think it would be a bad idea to shelf it.

Samsung is selling millions upon millions of Galaxy Note series phones per year, and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Foldable phones are the company’s huge focus, but they’re still too pricey, and many people are still not interested.


The Galaxy Note series may go away at some point, but that probably won’t be next year, and who knows, maybe it won’t happen for years to come. Things are still up in the air.

The Galaxy S21 series is expected to arrive in the first quarter of next year. It will probably launch in either February or March, as per usual. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 may not arrive alongside the Galaxy S21 phones, though.