Samsung May Already Be Working On A Galaxy Buds Live Successor

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live AM AH 2

Samsung already looks to be working on a successor to the Galaxy Buds Live. Back At the beginning of August, Samsung took the wraps off its newest pair of true wireless earbuds.

Affectionately known as the Galaxy Beans due to their bean-shaped design, the Galaxy Buds Live are no more than a couple of months old. So you'd think Samsung wouldn't immediately be working on a pair of earbuds to replace them.

A new report however, suggests exactly that. Let's Go Digital discovered that Samsung could be working on a Galaxy Buds Live successor, as the company has filed for a new trademark.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live successor could be the 'Samsung Buds Sound'

According to a new trademark that was discovered, Samsung already has a name for the next generation of truly wireless earbuds.

They're called the Samsung Buds Sound. At least according to the trademark filing. Samsung could always choose to use a different name when it comes time to release a new pair of earbuds.

But it's just as likely to keep this name now that the trademark has been filed. Samsung Buds Sound also makes a whole lot more sense as a name than Galaxy Buds Live. Seeing as they're earbuds and all, and sound is what they provide you.


The trademark, listing the name Samsung Buds Sound, was filed on October 6. Also worth mentioning is that since the word "Galaxy" isn't listed, Samsung could be dropping it from the name entirely with these new earbuds.

They could be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S21

With the Galaxy Note 20 out of the way, Samsung's next device announcement is probably going to be the Galaxy S21. Or whatever it ends up calling the device if it doesn't stick with the ordered number system.

There's no telling when Samsung will hold the event to announce this phone. But whenever it is could also be the date when Samsung announces these new earbuds.


That's the potential scenario suggested by Let's Go Digital. If the timing is accurate, then Samsung may have a new pair of true wireless earbuds for sale by the second quarter of next year. Assuming it announces things early enough.

There's not much detail about these earbuds yet, but they're described as offering features that current products offer as well. Such as a fitness guide. The earbuds will also potentially have the capability to measure distance, time, heart rate, and calories burned.

If those features are on board, users would probably be able to visualize recorded results through the Samsung Health app.