Samsung Displays Are Now TAA Compliant For Government Purchases

Samsung indoor LED displays TAA Certification

Samsung has announced that several of its indoor LED displays are now Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant. The product had to be manufactured in the US or any TAA designated country to obtain TAA certification. And, obviously, South Korea is one of the TAA's designated countries.

The program allows companies to sell their TAA-compliant products to government and military agencies. Samsung's display division can now have a large clientele of federal agencies. Meanwhile, the products manufactured in countries like China, Russia, India, and Indonesia are not eligible for TAA certification.

Indoor LED displays from Samsung are now TAA compliant

Prior to this, Samsung also had a few TAA-compliant consumer products like tablets and monitors. Now, the company claims several of IF, IE, and IW series of displays TAA certified. They offer top-notch quality and safety standards, along with end-to-end customer support.


If you didn't know, Samsung is already one of the biggest companies in the display business. However, the company's acquisition of the US-based Yesco Electronics (now Prismview) further strengthened its dominance in the LED display industry.

Mark Quiroz, VP of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America, said, "TAA compliance for the majority of our indoor LED display portfolio is yet another example of Samsung's dedication to providing reliable and secure technology to the federal government and its agencies."

The IW series displays come with MicroLED technology & modular design

Samsung's IW series come in modular design and are ideal for command and control centers. The bezel-less MicroLED display will offer best in class viewing experience with pure black and true color. Since the IW series displays come in modular design, the size can be customized based on the exact needs.

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These large MicroLED displays will come powered by Samsung's proprietary Tizen OS. It will offer the same security level as Samsung Knox, an enterprise-grade mobile security solution. The IF series offer direct-view LED displays with top-notch video processing tools.

To offer better viewing experiences, the displays can maximize the brightness level and calibrate the picture quality using the HDR picture refinement technology. Furthermore, the LED signages featuring IF series displays can be remotely controlled from a centralized location.

Samsung's IE series displays are indeed suitable for a large-scale content project. Moreover, the innovative design also helps the display to use in either portrait and landscape orientation. The company also claims the durable components and optimized power consumption will offer a stable and cost-effective solution.