Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant Gets Redesigned With A New Update

Bixby Galaxy Note 20 AM AH 1

According to a new user report on Reddit, Samsung is rolling out a new update for its Bixby voice assistant. The new Bixby update is bringing in new icons, and a completely new design.

Samsung has already decided to scrap some AR features from Bixby this month. However, it seems like the company does not want to leave and give up on its ambitious voice assistant.

This is why a new update is being pushed for the Bixby voice assistant that completely revamps the user interface. And also brings a new icon as well. Interestingly, the new user interface looks like a cross between the Google Assistant UI introduced last year and Siri on iOS 14.


One of the users on Reddit u/MehdiMa0507, shared a video showcasing some of the features and the revamped user interface of the new Bixby assistant.

As seen in the video Bixby no longer fills up the entire screen when in use. In fact, the Bixby UI now appears in a small section, right at the bottom of the page with a faded background.

This is where you would see glimpses of the design elements of Google Assistant. Moreover, older icons have been replaced by flatter icons. Apparently, it switches over to a horizontal bar when the voice assistant is activated.


The new Bixby update brings a bottom navigation bar with three icons

Apart from all these features, the new Bixby voice assistant update is also bringing a new navigation bar. This bar now houses three icons, which include a keyboard icon, a microphone icon, and a new home icon.

The keyboard icon is there to issue text-based commands, and the microphone icon is there to issue voice commands to the Bixby voice assistant.

As far as the user interface and the color elements of Bixby is concerned, it gets new shades of blue to black/gray. This new color scheme is easy on the eyes and gives Bixby a more serious look as a voice assistant.


This new updated interface is likely to be a part of the next version of Bixby, i.e. Bixby 3.0. And the good thing is that the new Bixby is rolling out to all the Samsung users.

Make sure that you are running Android 10 based One UI 2.1 or One UI 2.5. If you have not yet received the update then, it is a normal process where the update is pushed gradually. So, you may just have to wait a bit.