Roborock Announces The S4 Max, A Dedicated Robot Vacuum

Roborock S4 Max AM AH 1

The Roborock S4 Max was announced this morning by the popular robot vacuum company. It is a robot vacuum that only does vacuuming, unlike some of Roborock’s other robot vacuums, which also has mopping included. That is part of the reason why the S4 Max is cheaper than the others in its lineup.

With the Roborock S4 Max, you’re getting auto-boost on carpet, so it will automatically boost up the suction when it is on carpet and not miss out on any dirt or debris. It also has a washable HEPA-type E11 filter included. Which is said to collect 95% of particles and that includes pet dander and mold. Making this inexpensive robot vacuum perfect for those with pets – though not quite as good as the S6 MaxV.

Roborock S4 Max still sports the popular LiDAR system for navigation

Roborock is the best when it comes to navigation, compared to its competitors. And it did not cut any corners in that respect on the S4 Max. It still has the advanced navigation for custom cleans.


It’s using the LiDAR system for navigating around your home, and it also has support for multi-level mapping. This is great for those with larger and multi-floor homes.

S4 Max also has Automatic Room Recognition in the S4 Max, and it can differentiate between each room in the house. Users are also able to name the rooms in the app, as well as adjust the level of suction for each room, within the Roborock App. So you can have it use all of its suction power in your kids room where it’s likely very dirty, and then use a lot less in the kitchen where there’s no carpet.

Of course, there are also 10 no-go zones available and 10 invisible walls, to keep the S4 Max from going where you don’t want it to go.


Like the other robot vacuums from Roborock, this one features 2000Pa of suction of power. So it’s able to pick up everything that might be on your floors. There is a front spinning brush to lift the dirt, and then a centered rolling brush that will suck it up. It’s a floating brush, which can adapt to the height of the floor too.

When can I buy it?

You can buy the Roborock S4 Max starting today, exclusively at Amazon for $429.

That’s $30 more than the regular price of the Roborock S4, and given the many upgrades on the S4 Max, it’s more than worth that uptick in price. But it does fit in nicely with Roborock’s lineup which now also includes the S6 and S6 MaxV.


Roborock S4 Max - Amazon - $429