Get The Edge On Xbox Series X With Razer Accessories

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox Series X

Razer is well-equipped and prepared for the coming of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and you can be too.

Razer has long made accessories for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, and while it hasn’t made any new accessories specifically for the Xbox Series X yet, its existing Xbox peripherals can still give you the edge you need when the console drops next month.

That’s because today Razer announced that all of its existing Xbox accessories will work with the next-gen consoles. Meaning you don’t have to buy new controllers or headsets. What you may already have will work and you can save that money for something else. Like maybe a game or two.


Every current Razer Xbox accessory works with the Series X

As noted every single current accessory that Razer makes for the Xbox console will work with the new consoles when they arrive.

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10. And while both will come with their own controllers, you can use Razer’s instead if you already own one. Or perhaps want to pick one up.

When it comes to controllers, Razer makes a few for the Xbox. There’s the Wolverine Ultimate, the Wolverine Tournament Edition, and the Atrox, which is an arcade stick and designed for fighting games. There’s also the Razer Turret Designed for Xbox if you want to play your games with a keyboard and mouse.


Both of Razer’s Xbox-specific headsets, the Thresher and the Nari Ultimate, support the new consoles too.

No lag time for support

Really, the best thing about Razer’s announcement for gamers is that there is no lag time for support of these accessories.

All of them will work with each new console on day one. Basically, plug in your new Xbox Series X, then plug in your headset and/or controller and you’re off to the races as they say.


Since these aren’t newly announced accessories you also shouldn’t have any trouble finding them if you don’t already own them. Razer will be selling them all or most of them on its own store. But you can also pick them from Razer’s retail partners, such as Amazon.

In fact Amazon ha a wide range of Razer peripherals and other gear. Everything you need to make the most of your gaming experience this holiday season with all of those shiny new games you plan to play.

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