The Razer BlackWidow Keyboard Now Comes In A Tenkeyless Option

Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless

The Razer BlackWidow keyboard is probably Razer's most iconic, and it now comes in a tenkeyless option.

Today Razer has announced the new Razer BlackWidow V3, which comes in the standard full size model, as well as the tenkeyless model for a slightly more compact setup.

If you've not used a tenkeyless keyboard before, you'd be surprised at the excellent functionality while affording you more space on your desk. Though not as small as the Huntsman Mini, this new smaller BlackWidow is the iconic Razer keyboard you love with some nifty upgrades.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 and V3 Tenkeyless come with multiple upgrades

The BlackWidow is Razer's oldest mechanical gaming keyboard model, and it's also one of the biggest.

With the V3 models, Razer has upgraded a few things to make these more up to date with what it offers on other options, such as a new "refined frame," and new controls that weren't available on older BlackWidow keyboards.

Perhaps most notable of the updates are the new Doubleshot ABS keycaps (only available in the US layout), and the new key switch options. The main benefit of the new keycaps is that the lettering is molded right into the keycap instead of being printed on. Which means the letters will never fade.

If you keep your keyboards for a long time and use them heavily, you probably know how annoying it can be to have the letters fade away. As for the switches, you can get the Razer BlackWidow V3 with two different switch options.

Either the Razer Green Mechanical Switches which are more clicky and prominent, or the Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches which are more silent.

There's also a new multi-function digital roller, which is a first for the BlackWidow line, and dedicated media keys if you like to adjust volume for stuff from the keyboard. It also has the option of a wrist rest that can easily snap on and off.

The BlackWidow V3 starts at $99

Both keyboards are available to purchase today directly from Razer's website. They start at $99, which is the price for the tenkeyless model. It comes in black only.

Or you can go for the full size model which is $139.99 which comes in black and quartz. Both keyboard variations can also be picked up from Amazon and Best Buy. In the scheme of Razer's gaming keyboards, these aren't the most expensive. Yet they're still durable and packed with awesome features. Like cable routing options, which are available on both models.

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