Quibi Says Goodbye As It Begins To Shut Down Service

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Quibi, the short form video service that launched on Android and iOS around six months ago, is now officially going into a shut down.

This is according The Wall Street Journal, who reports that the service has been facing a growing list of problems that have caused the company to pull the plug.

The slow burn of Quibi’s downfall is likely rooted in the service’s very core feature. Bite-sized content that could be delivered in as little as 5 minutes on smartphones. Prior to its launch, Quibi even appeared to have a promising future. Ad slots for the service were sold even before Quibi was available to users.


It might have taken off, too. That is if people weren’t forced to stay home. Where they had TV screens and PC monitors in front of them the entire day.

The shut down of Quibi comes just a day after TV apps were launched

The most confounding part of the shut down is the timing of it all. Just yesterday Quibi launched the the TV versions of its app. Letting users on Android TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV access the service from bigger screens.

It was initially envisioned as a mobile-only service. Hence the short-form video format and the opposite of lengthy show episodes. But some users had been asking for access to the service on larger screens, and Quibi finally delivered.


Perhaps a little too late, though. The shut down also shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone familiar with Quibi’s existence. Low download numbers and a lower than expected number of viewers led to Quibi considering a sale.

What now?

There’s a lot of uncertainty in what happens next for Quibi. While the service is shutting down, it still has a fair amount of content that was put out for the platform.

Quibi hasn’t been forthcoming about what happens to any of that content. Much of which was filled with big-name actors and actresses. Many users also either paid for subscriptions that could still be active or still had remaining time on free trials.


The company could choose to unload that content somewhere. Which could allow it to recoup some of the financial loss. Though no such plan has been suggested and it’s unclear where they might put that content if it was.

Currently you can still install the app from the Play Store, create an account, and watch content. So it isn’t being immediately disassembled. But users shouldn’t expect access to Quibi to last much longer.