Qualcomm May Announce A Gaming Phone In The Near Future

Qualcomm Snapdragon AH NS 04

A gaming phone from Qualcomm is apparently in the works. Details from a new report by Digitimes allege that Qualcomm could have plans to reveal a gaming phone under its own brand.

What’s more is that the company could unveil it sometime in the near future. Keeping these things in mind, none of this has so far been confirmed by Qualcomm. That being said Qualcomm does have an event coming up in the beginning of December.

So if it were to announce a gaming device that sits under its own brand, that event is a likely time for it to do so. Qualcomm also may not be doing all the of the heavy lifting for this device. And could have some help.


Qualcomm is rumored to be working with ASUS to make the gaming phone

Qualcomm isn’t in the business of making consumer smartphones that hit the market and are mass produced.

It’s specialty lies in mobile platforms that power such phones. As well as making reference devices for other manufacturers to work with. But if recent reports are accurate, Qualcomm may have aspirations of making a device that consumers can actually buy.

It won’t be going it alone though. The rumor also alleges that ASUS is going to be working with Qualcomm to make this phone. When it comes to gaming phones, ASUS knows what it’s doing.


So if Qualcomm were to choose anyone to help it build a smartphone meant for gamers, ASUS is probably the best pick. The recently launched ROG Phone 3 is a testament to how much help ASUS could provide. Of course that’s assuming that Qualcomm actually does have plans to make this product and sell it.

Next to no details about the device are available

Right now there are next to no details available about this phone. In fact anything beyond the rumor that Qualcomm is making such a device and that ASUS is going to co-develop it, is entirely a mystery.

If all of this accurate than ASUS being involved will likely mean powerful hardware. Look to the ASUS ROG Phone lineup for potential ideas on what that could look like. Not in terms of design, but in terms of the types of specs that could be on offer.


Also worth noting is that even if ASUS does help make a gaming phone for the chip maker, it probably wouldn’t help put out a device that surpasses its own recently released gaming phone. That would be counter-productive and work against ASUS. So the hardware may not be the most powerful of any gaming phone out there.

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