Get Up Close And Personal With The PS5 In These Unboxing Videos

Sony PlayStation 5 2

Whether you're waiting for your pre-order to arrive or you won't be lucky enough to get one yourself, these PS5 unboxing videos will let you take a closer look at Sony's new system.

It's not quite the same as getting up and close and personal with it yourself, but for now it'll have to do.

One of the first things you may notice in watching these, is the size of the console. The dimensions of the console have been revealed prior to the unboxings, but seeing the dimensions and some drawings of size comparisons is very different from seeing comparisons with other actual consoles in reality.


In the MKBHD video, you get an up close look at the mega tower size of the PS5 sitting next to the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Series X. And it's big. Like, really big.

PS5 unboxing videos drive home at least one thing, the console is huge

These videos aren't the first time we've seen the PS5 in all its glory. The design was unveiled back in September and since then, Sony has even published a teardown video of the console.

In that video you get to see how big the PS5 actually is. And by the end of it you get to see the console in pieces. Sort of like an exploded view, which is kind of a neat thing to see.

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But that doesn't do the size of the console justice. Not really. What really drives home how massive the PS5 is, is seeing it next to other consoles. The PS5 towers above everything else. It's also noticeably thicker than the PS4 Pro, while also weighing quite a bit more.

your takeaway from that should be that you need to make some room for it. And depending on your own personal setup, you may or may not get to lay it down on its side.

It looks like physical power and eject buttons may have returned

While this can't necessarily be confirmed yet, and it doesn't seem to be touched on in any of these videos, it appears that Sony may have returned to a set of physical buttons for the PS5.


In the video you get some closeup shots of the front of the console. And the power and eject buttons look like physical buttons. As opposed to the touch sensor buttons that were used on all iterations of the PS4 and PS3.

Worth noting is that the buttons do appear to be protruding a little bit. So one could assume that you actually have to press them in to initiate the intended function. Of course they could still be touch-based and not actually move when pressed. They definitely look like physical buttons though.

If that's the case, then this will be Sony's first time returning to physical power and eject buttons since the PS2. If they are physical buttons, then they should also lack the same issue that first-gen PS4 consoles had with the eject button being activated unintentionally.


If you want to see the first looks for yourself, you can watch all three videos below.