Watch All Your Favorite Streaming TV Content On PS5 At Launch

PS5 Streaming TV Media Remote

The PS5 is mainly about games but you’ll be able to enjoy streaming TV too. Much like the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the PS5 will have access to various streaming TV apps, and an abundance of them from the looks of Sony’s most recent blog post.

In fact you can probably assume that all or most of the ones available on PS4 will be available on PS5 too. Sony does clarify though which ones will be available when the console hits store shelves on November 12.

If you’ve got a PS5 pre-ordered or if you’re planning to try and get one on launch day, you might want to consider picking up the media remote to make watching your content easier.


Not all streaming TV apps will be available on PS5 on day one

Many of the most popular streaming apps will be available on PS5 on the first day of the console’s launch. But not all of them will be.

Sony’s blog post mentions a handful of services that you can install. Including YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitch. According to The Verge which says Sony has confirmed it, both HBO Max and Crunchyroll will also be available on day one. Although, neither of these were mentioned in Sony’s actual blog post.

That being said, both of them will be available it seems, which means you can get your fix of anime right after you’re done playing games. If that’s what you’re looking for. Sony also says that more media apps will be coming to the PS5 down the line. However it doesn’t mention exact dates.


Those apps include Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal and others.

The media remote will have dedicated buttons for Netflix and more

Prior to today Sony hadn’t revealed what the dedicated media buttons would control. But it’s now confirmed that there will be four buttons that are specifically for certain media apps.

There will be dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Spotify. Making each of those one click away if you’re eager to catch some video entertainment instead of playing a game.


Though you don’t need the media remote to control your media on the PS5, it will make that easier. And that will also ensure that you can always have battery life on the controller as you can keep it plugged in and charging while you watch stuff. Which is a nice bonus.