The PS App Will Make Managing Your PS5 Storage Incredibly Easy

PS5 PlayStation App 1

Sony's PlayStation app on Android and iOS devices is getting a big change that caters a lot to the PS5, and it's going to make managing the storage on your new console way easier than it's ever been.

If you've never used the PlayStation app before, you're going to want to with the PS5 if even only for the storage benefits. Today, Sony has started to roll out an update to the PlayStation app. You may or may not already have the update.

But it shouldn't be too long before it starts hitting all users. Storage management of course is one small piece of the changes. And boy, are there some wonderful improvements being made that up the quality of life for the user experience.


Use the PlayStation app to manage the storage on your PS5

This is one of the bigger changes and definitely the most useful for some people.

As part of the update you can use the app to mange the storage of the console. Say you need to make room for a new game while you're on the go. Maybe you want to play it when you get home, but you don't have enough space allocated. That's no longer a problem as the app will allow you to manage that storage by deleting something and making room. If you need to.

Right from the beginning users probably won't need to worry too much about storage management. But when and if the need ever arises to tap into this functionality, the app will let you do so.

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Aside from storage management, the app also has a brand-new UI. In fact this is probably the first thing people will notice when opening the app post update. At least those who have used the app prior to it and know what the old UI looks like.

The new app is big on communication

Two really big changes in this update revolve around communication. First off, the app is finally integrating messages.

For the longest time if you wanted to chat with your PSN friends, you needed a separate app called PS Messages to do so. That will no longer be the case, and you can instead chat right within the PlayStation app instead.


This is something users have been wanting for a while. As it just doesn't make sense to have a separate application to do something that makes more sense to be done in the main app. Sony is also making the PS Messages app obsolete, but it will transfer all your conversation over to the main app first.

In addition to messaging friends, you can set up and participate in parties right from the app as well. This includes voice chat parties. If you've ever used the Discord app on Android, this should work the same way. Simply hook up a headset and talk to your friends in a party no matter where you're at.

You will also be able to launch games from the app if you're away from the console. There may not be many scenarios where you need to do this, but it doesn't hurt to have the capability.