The PS Remote Play Android App Already Supports The PS5

Sony DualSense Controller for PS5

Sony is thinking ahead, because the PS Remote Play app for Android already supports the PS5. You can't remotely play games from the PS5 yet of course because the system releases November 12.

However, Sony is prepared to let you play your PS5 games from your Android device day one of launch using the Remote Play app.

That's not to say that users will want to. For those that are getting a PS5 on day one, chances are you're looking to play it in the best way possible. And that's going to be on the biggest TV or monitor you have in the home. That being said, having the ability to use Remote Play from the start affords a specific opportunity.


The chance to move gameplay to your phone in the event that you have to share the TV. Ensuring you don't miss a beat.

Remote Play on the PS5 requires the latest system software

If you're familiar with Remote Play then you probably already know. But using it to remotely access your console and thereby, your games, requires you to have the latest software.

Not just for the Android app. Which was updated within the last 24 hours it seems. But also the latest system software on your console. Since the PS5 is going to be fresh out of the box for everyone next month, then they should automatically have the newest software.


But don't rule out the possibility that Sony may push a software update to the console on day one.

Sony only lists two verified devices

There's a pretty decent chance this will work on numerous types of Android phones. However, Sony officially lists just two devices that are verified to work with this.

The Google Pixel 3 series and the Google Pixel 4 series. And this likely includes the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. If it isn't one of these phones, then it would seem that Sony isn't guaranteeing that it will work. Meaning it isn't guaranteeing that you can remotely play games on the PS5 using a device that isn't those listed.


Not guaranteeing the ability to work correctly is not the same as not working at all though. So even if you don't own a Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 but are getting a PS5, you should still try to use Remote Play if you feel like using it. The update for Remote Play should already be available to install on your Android device since it seems Sony pushed the update out to the app earlier this week.