This Robot Vacuum Comes With An Optional Smart Dust Collector

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is a great tool to have if you hate vacuuming yourself, but what about a robot vacuum that can pair with a smart dust collector?

That's the M7 pro from Proscenic. The dust collector is a separate product. It doesn't come with the vacuum, but it was designed to be used specifically with it. And it's something to set the M7 pro apart from other robot vacuums on the market.

If you're already unloading your vacuuming duties onto an automated machine, you likely don't want to have to empty dust bins either. The great thing about the M7 Pro robot vacuum is that the dust collector can automate the task of emptying the vacuum's bin.

The M7 Pro robot vacuum can be emptied out by the smart dust collector

In truth the smart dust collector might be the best thing about this vacuum. You can use the vacuum without it. However, the dust collector does make things a whole lot easier.

The M7 Pro has about 150 minutes of vacuum time in a single charge. And it can also start itself back up and finish jobs that are too big for one pass through. This is where the beauty of the dust collector comes in.

You can set up the vacuum to do its thing. When or if the battery runs out before it's done, it'll go back to the base station and charge. At which point the smart dust collector can also empty out the vacuum bin. Once the charge is done the vacuum will finish the cleaning with a newly empty bin.

The main takeaway here from the dust collector is that you'll be left with less cleaning to do. The vacuum will clean your floors, and the dust collector will clean the vacuum. So all you'll have to do is take out the trash bag from the dust collector.

The vacuum also has Alexa support so you can control it with your voice.

You'll spend about $500 in total to get both products

The M7 Pro is already available for purchase and it retails for $399. Meanwhile the smart dust collector is $99.

So in total you spend about $500 for a mostly automated cleaning experience. Proscenic is however running a limited time deal on Amazon right now where the M7 Pro is on sale.

Instead of $399 you can pick it up for $339. It appears like the sale price may be good for today only as a special promotional price for the vacuum's launch. The dust bin is also available on Amazon but it's still listed at the normal $99 price.

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